…the korean version of Glee! me likey.

no idea what they’re singing, but it sounds beautiful. cute guy alert!


“Being buried by your own thoughts and fears, especially when you know it’s happening, can feel like a burden with a rusty flat-tired wheelbarrow turned over on top of it, where spiders and snakes like to hide before they SURPRISE! you. Fortunately, surprises are inevitable and keep us from being buried, even if means enduring the venom. Gratitude is generally the antidote.

And so, like a rising phoenix, I emerge from the ash of my compost heap. I curtsy to the living and the dying of all prospects, objects, and subjects. To understand joy I am grateful I know suffering. To heal from loss and forgetfulness, I am grateful I forget that I ever knew all is already perfect. There’s no other way to truly express love and compassion until you can be trusting, loving and compassionate with yourself. It is this safe journey thru layers of contradictions that I accept life as it is in constant renewal, constant creation. A constant things-are-never-going-to-be-the-same-again-wow-this-is-f*cking-serious transformation. I am grateful for what I see, and everything I won’t ever see.”

Mraz the Great

sometimes i feel utterly useless, like when i know someone is hurting, and yet i don’t know what to do/can’t do anything to help.

like now.

i guess all i can do is to let that someone know i’m always here, no matter what happens.

很多事情 不是誰說了就算
即使傷心 結果還是自己擔
事實證明 幸福很難

我們之間 不是誰說了就算
拉扯的愛 徒增結局的難堪
下一次 會更勇敢

當冬夜漸暖 當大海也不再那麼藍

當冬夜漸暖 當夏夜的樹上不再有蟬
那只是因為悲傷從來 都不會有答案

當冬夜漸暖 當青春也都煙消雲散
重要的是 我們如何愛過那一段

on constant replay. one of the most meaningful songs to date.

toughing it out.
bearing the unbearable with dignity.
display of poise in adversity.
an ability to endure, to wear hardship with character.
– excerpts from a Straits Times article

and that is why we have so much to learn from the Japanese.

(just so that whenever i’m stressed/depressed/sian over work/school i can check back here and laugh my head off.)

captain hook. leave it to beaver. titanic. santa claus. grass. tofu. giraffe. monkey see monkey do. ibuprofen. forest. jungle. toaster. captain kirk. model aeroplane. mermaid. mahatma gandhi. YMCA. shotgun. laundromat. clothesline. bike messenger. kindergarten. ice cube tray. gravity. taxi driver. wouldn’t it be nice. bill clinton. ronald reagan. star wars theme. american idol. justin timberlake. gone with the wind. moby dick. limbo. pig in the blanket.


they say the beginning is the worst. i hope the beginning ends soon.

how on earth do you go back to work not feeling siannnn after four straight days of monopoly deal overloading-movie marathoning-angpow collecting-karaoke singing-poker playing-pigging out FUN?

depressing to the max.

oh well. happy Chinese New Year to the handful who still read my very stagnant blog. 🙂

…and now back to orange.

new phase in life! starting from, erm, yesterday. haha.

may i emerge out of this in 3 years time (hopefully less than that. hmmm i wish.) unscathed and ready to face the real world out there.

wish me luck!

“Why do you live?”
“Because I have something worth living for.”

Liverpool is SO dead this season.

what more can i say???

it’s fine that you’ve been drawing the past few matches (and losing some that are, well, worth losing) but losing 2-0 to Blackpool at the moment??


maybe i shouldn’t have talked so much a few blog posts down when everything seemed fine and dandy and hope was still alive. -___-